Tuning     $150, plus tax

All pianos will eventually go out of tune. Environmental changes, especially humidity, will cause the soundboard to swell and shrink affecting the tension of the strings. The playing of a piano will also contribute to its going out of tune, due to the hammers continuously striking the strings. At normal pitch, A 440, the strings in a piano have nearly 20 tons of tension on them. The tension of the strings has a natural tendency to relax, causing the piano to go out of tune. If the pitch of a piano has changed dramatically, a pitch correction may be needed to achieve a stable tuning.  My tuning fee is a flat rate of $159, including tax.  This will cover a fine tuning and a pitch correction if necessary.  If the piano is drastically out of tune additional fees may apply.  

Service Packages     $350 half day, $600 full day

The chosen amount of time is spent servicing the piano further than what is normally done during a typical tuning call.  This can include minor regulation, repairs, cleaning, voicing, etc.  Typically what ever would improve the piano most.  Tuning is included in this package.   

Repairs    prices based on repair

In home repairs include string replacement, broken keys, minor soundboard repairs, action repairs, etc.  

In shop repairs include keytop replacement, ivory key top restoration, key rebushing, major repairs to broken parts, etc. 

Action Regulation/Rebuilding

Most action parts are made of wood with joints bushed with felt. Playing of the piano, humidity and temperature changes cause these parts to wear and compress. This will cause the feel of the piano to change dramatically. Regulation restores the action's geometry to the correct specifications.  

Some actions may require rebuilding to achieve the desirable touch needed for optimal playing.  New hammers, hammer shanks and whippens will give new life to an old, worn out action.  This along with restoring the key sticks and the key frame brings an action to like new condition.  New composite action parts, as well as wooden action parts, are available to bring a piano's action back to the best possible condition.

Restoration & Rebuilding

Restoration includes repairing the original soundboard by shimming cracks and reattaching ribs.  The original bridge root is preserved and a new cap is attached.  The cast iron plate is refinished and refelted.  A new pinblock is installed, along with new strings and tuning pins.  The action and damper mechanism are restored.  Usually new hammers and hammer shanks are installed. The original keysticks, keyframe and whippens are restored. Restoration is a viable option for good quality, lower value pianos.  

Rebuilding a piano brings the piano back to like new condition.  Usually all but the piano's case, bridge root and key sticks and frame are replaced with new parts.  A custom made spruce soundboard is crafted in the shop using a gobar deck.  A new pinblock and bridge cap are installed.  The action is completely rebuilt using all new parts.  Rebuilding a valuable piano can give you a like new one at a fraction of the cost of a new one.  

Restorations can range from $4,000 to over $15,000.

Rebuilds can range from $15,000 to over $30,000.  It all depends on the extent of the work to be done and the difficulty in performing it.  



Refinishing of the piano's case makes the most dramtic visual change to a piano.  Removing old crazed finish and applying new finish really transforms an old instrument.

I no longer offer refinishing services.  Any refinishing work is contracted out.  


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